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Hemingway Luxury Car Hire

Hemingway Luxury Car Hire specialise in providing you with an exemplary service when looking for and renting luxury cars. We work hard to ensure the process is smooth and that the vehicle you are renting is of a first class appearance. With over 25 Distribution Locations in Europe and Middle East, we are an experienced multilingual team that have built up an impressive collection of rental cars over the years - from luxury 4 wheel drive cars to extravagant super cars, we really do have a ride for everyone.

With competitive pricing and outstanding customer service, we ensure your experience with us is very personal from the very moment you enquire. With a passion for luxury cars, we offer sound advice or knowledge when choosing the perfect rental for you and your individual requirements. Not only this, but with our rental packages, we can find you the best price, with both short and long-term rates.

We first starting finding luxury cars for Hemingway Property Investments who locate properties for investors from the USA, Far East and Europe. As the investors arrived in various locations throughout Europe we knew that these were individuals who had the best homes and the best cars in their day to day life. When the investors arrived for viewing visits it was evident that they would want to have an element of freedom to explore the area and they would need transport with or without a chauffeur. It was also glaringly obvious that they would not be impressed if we provided a small family hatchback to view their properties nor would it make the right impression on the vendors, bank managers or indeed their potential new neighbours.

We started locating suitable cars for them in Rome, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Marbella, St Tropez, Munich, Stuttgart, Zurich, Geneva and popular holiday destinations. We identified not only the best cars that are available to hire but also negotiated special terms of service as well as strong partnerships with the providers as well as manufacturers. Where necessary we have put our own cars with our partners and we have a team of staff who are constantly adding supercars to our stable. Our experience means we can boast that we give the definitive top service levels to our clients.

Having provided this service we realised that more people than board members, professional sportsmen, movie stars and entrepreneurs want to have the same type of car that they have in their everyday life made available when they are travelling. They are also not the only people who want to create the right impression when travelling overseas, nor only people who want to play with sports cars and supercars when out of the normal confines of needing a family car or executive vehicle. We are exceptionally proud to present to you the same detailed and super special service from Hemingway Luxury Car Hire.

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